Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa

Early Life and Education: Phuthi Mahanyele-Dabengwa is a visionary business leader known for her groundbreaking contributions to the corporate world. Born and raised in South Africa, Mahanyele-Dabengwa developed a passion for business and leadership from a young age. She pursued her education with determination, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA. Her academic journey equipped her with a solid foundation in economics and business principles, laying the groundwork for her future success.

Career Journey: Mahanyele-Dabengwa’s career trajectory has been characterized by resilience, ambition, and a commitment to excellence. She began her professional journey in the finance sector, gaining valuable experience at various institutions, including the African National Congress (ANC) in the Department of Economic Planning. Her early roles provided her with insights into economic policy-making and development initiatives, setting the stage for her transition into the corporate arena.

In 2002, Mahanyele-Dabengwa joined the global telecommunications giant, MTN Group, where she held several executive positions, including Executive Head of the International Division and CEO of MTN South Africa. During her tenure at MTN, she played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s footprint across Africa and driving its growth strategy in emerging markets. Her strategic vision and leadership skills earned her recognition as one of Africa’s most influential business leaders.

In 2019, Mahanyele-Dabengwa made history by becoming the CEO of Naspers Ltd, one of the largest multinational media and technology companies in the world. As the first female CEO in the company’s history, she shattered glass ceilings and inspired countless aspiring leaders across the globe. Under her leadership, Naspers has continued to innovate and diversify its portfolio, with a focus on digital transformation and sustainable growth.

Leadership Style and Impact: Mahanyele-Dabengwa is renowned for her collaborative leadership style, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to driving positive change. She is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, championing initiatives to empower women and underrepresented groups in the corporate sector. Through her leadership, she has fostered a culture of innovation, agility, and accountability, positioning Naspers as a global leader in the digital economy.

Beyond her corporate responsibilities, Mahanyele-Dabengwa is actively involved in various philanthropic endeavors aimed at promoting education, entrepreneurship, and economic development in Africa. She serves on the board of several prestigious organizations, including the World Economic Forum’s Africa Regional Strategy Group and the African Leadership Academy. Her dedication to driving socio-economic progress has earned her accolades and recognition from industry peers and global leaders alike.

Legacy and Future Outlook: As she continues to lead Naspers into the future, Mahanyele-Dabengwa remains committed to advancing the company’s mission of leveraging technology to improve lives and create value for stakeholders. Her visionary leadership, coupled with her relentless pursuit of excellence, positions her as a transformative figure in the global business landscape. Through her exemplary leadership, Mahanyele-Dabengwa inspires individuals around the world to dream big, break barriers, and make a lasting impact on society.

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