At, we believe that empowering women in African business is essential for fostering inclusive growth and driving economic prosperity. To highlight the remarkable achievements of women leaders, we present the Definitive List of Women CEOs—a prestigious recognition that celebrates women who have achieved leadership roles of publicly listed African corporations or divisions.

To qualify for the list, women must meet at least one of the following three criteria:

1. CEOs of Publicly Listed African Corporations: Women who hold the position of Chief Executive Officer in publicly listed African corporations with a market capitalization exceeding $150 million USD are eligible for consideration. These visionary leaders have demonstrated their ability to drive growth and success in their respective organizations.

2. Division Heads of Publicly Listed African Corporations: Exceptional women who serve as division heads within publicly listed African corporations, with the division’s market capitalization reaching $150 million USD or more, are also eligible for inclusion. These leaders play a crucial role in shaping the strategic direction of their divisions and contributing to the overall success of their companies.

3. Africa-Region Head or Africa Country Head of Global Corporations: The list also recognizes women who hold key leadership positions as Africa-Region Heads or Africa Country Heads within global corporations with a remarkable market capitalization exceeding $50 billion USD. These influential executives steer their organizations’ operations in Africa, contributing significantly to their global success.’s Definitive List of Women CEOs is founded on a robust, data-driven research effort. Our team of researchers utilizes data provided by Bloomberg to identify publicly listed companies on the 24 African stock exchanges. The selected companies undergo thorough screening for revenue and market capitalization thresholds. We then review the corporate websites of these companies to identify exceptional female leaders who meet our stringent criteria.

This annual list stands as a testament to the inspiring stories of women who have shattered barriers and risen to the top of the corporate ladder. We firmly believe that showcasing these women’s achievements will pave the way for aspiring women across the continent, providing them with an aspirational career path built on hard work, tenacity, resilience, and exemplary leadership skills.’s Definitive List of Women CEOs is more than just an acknowledgment; it is a commitment to foster an environment where women can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the growth of African businesses and economies. We celebrate the exceptional accomplishments of these trailblazing leaders.

If you know of any deserving women who meet these criteria, we encourage you to reach out to us at, so we may recognize and celebrate their achievements in future editions of the Definitive List. Together, let us create a more inclusive and prosperous future for African women in business.

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