Faith Mukutu

Faith Mukutu

Faith Misozi Mukutu, an accomplished and pioneering figure in the corporate world, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Zambeef Products Plc. Her remarkable journey in the world of business and finance has been marked by a series of notable achievements and positions on the boards of influential companies.

Faith Mukutu is not only at the helm of Zambeef but also holds directorships in several prominent organizations, showcasing her multifaceted expertise. She is a board member of National Breweries Plc, Bayport Financial Services Ltd., Zayohub Zambia Ltd., and Good Nature Agro Products Ltd. Her affiliation with the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants underscores her commitment to professional excellence.

Mukutu’s impressive career trajectory features an impressive list of roles in various sectors. In the past, she served as a Director at Zambia Sugar Plc, demonstrating her keen insights into the sugar industry. Her tenure as an Accountant at Zambian Breweries Plc further solidified her financial acumen and expertise in the brewing sector.

Her contributions extend beyond Zambia’s borders. Mukutu held the position of Director at Heinrich’s Syndicate Ltd., reflecting her involvement in international business ventures. Her role as Finance Director and Director at Maluti Mountain Brewery (Pty) Ltd. showcased her international experience in the brewing industry. Additionally, her position as Director-Malawi Finance Operations at Chibuku Products Ltd. demonstrated her involvement in the finance operations of another African nation.

Notably, Faith Mukutu made history by becoming the first Zambian CEO in the esteemed 28-year history of Zambeef. This publicly traded company is listed on the Lusaka Securities Exchange and the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange, making her appointment all the more significant.

Her ascent to the position of CEO followed the departure of Walter Roodt, who transitioned into a strategic role overseeing Zambeef’s substantial expansion plans. Under Mukutu’s leadership, Zambeef is poised to undergo a transformation, with a planned investment of US$100 million to double cropping at its Mpongwe farms, consequently enhancing the efficiency and production throughout its value chain.

Upon her appointment, Faith Mukutu expressed her deep pride in leading Zambeef, a home-grown company that has set high standards in food production and retailing, while also contributing significantly to job creation and support for farmers across Zambia. She expressed her dedication to building on the legacy of this flagship company.

Mukutu’s qualifications as an accountant have played a pivotal role in her career. She joined Zambeef in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer, leveraging her financial expertise to enhance the company’s operations. Her prior positions as Finance Director in three listed entities—Zambian Breweries Plc, National Breweries Plc, and Zambia Sugar Plc—underscore her financial prowess and managerial skills.

Faith Misozi Mukutu’s appointment as CEO of Zambeef is marked by the trust and confidence placed in her by the company’s board. Her unique blend of financial proficiency, operational competence, strategic insight, and capital market experience is deemed essential for executing the strategic imperatives that Zambeef has embarked on.

Faith Mukutu’s remarkable journey continues to be an inspiring testament to her dedication, leadership, and prowess in the world of business and finance. Her story is one of pioneering achievement, breaking barriers, and setting new standards in the corporate landscape.

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