Dr Nombasa Tsengwa

Dr. Nombasa Tsengwa, a visionary leader and trailblazer in the mining industry, who currently serves as the esteemed CEO of Exxaro Resources. Her journey to the pinnacle of her career has been one of tenacity, brilliance, and a steadfast commitment to driving sustainable growth and positive change in the world.

Hailing from the rich cultural tapestry of South Africa, Dr. Tsengwa’s passion for both her country and the environment took root at an early age. Growing up, she witnessed the complexities of mining operations and the profound impact they could have on local communities and ecosystems. This shaped her determination to pursue a career that would bridge the gap between responsible resource management and corporate success.

Armed with an unyielding desire for knowledge and change, Dr. Tsengwa embarked on an illustrious academic journey. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Geology, followed by a Master’s in Environmental Management, and ultimately earned a doctorate in Mining Engineering. Her diverse educational background equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the mining landscape, blending technical expertise with environmental consciousness.

Dr. Tsengwa’s ascent to the top of Exxaro Resources was marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence and an unparalleled work ethic. She joined the company as a young engineer, demonstrating her capabilities and dedication in various roles within the organization. As she moved up the corporate ladder, her passion for sustainable mining practices and her empathetic approach to stakeholder engagement distinguished her as a formidable leader.

Under Dr. Tsengwa’s guidance, Exxaro Resources has undergone a transformative shift towards sustainability and responsible mining. She recognized the imperative of minimizing the ecological impact while maximizing benefits for the communities where the company operates. Driven by her vision for a greener future, she spearheaded innovative projects to reduce the carbon footprint, implement clean energy initiatives, and promote biodiversity conservation

As a beacon of change, Dr. Tsengwa remains deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the mining industry. Under her leadership, Exxaro has prioritized women empowerment, facilitating increased representation and leadership opportunities for women in what was traditionally a male-dominated sector. Her dedication to social upliftment has seen the company launch various education and community development programs, empowering the next generation of leaders.

Dr. Nombasa Tsengwa’s trailblazing journey has not gone unnoticed. She has been recognized globally for her outstanding leadership and contributions to sustainable mining practices. Her accolades include being featured on prestigious lists of influential leaders in the mining and environmental sectors. Yet, for Dr. Tsengwa, the real measure of success lies in the positive and lasting impact she can create for society and the environment.

Dr. Nombasa Tsengwa’s exemplary leadership as the CEO of Exxaro Resources exemplifies a unique fusion of corporate prowess and environmental stewardship. Her journey from humble beginnings to being at the helm of one of the nation’s leading mining companies is a testament to her visionary outlook, unwavering determination, and passion for a sustainable future. Through her pioneering efforts, she continues to inspire not just the mining industry but also future generations of leaders to envision a world where business success and ecological preservation go hand in hand.

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