Dr. Hend El Sherbini

Dr. Hend El Sherbini

Dr. Hend Sherbini, a renowned figure in the field of clinical pathology and healthcare management, is a dedicated professional who has left an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape of Africa and the Middle East. Born in 1972, this visionary leader has held the position of Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Integrated Diagnostics plc since 2014, driving the company’s growth and innovation.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Sherbini’s journey into the world of healthcare began with a strong familial influence. Her mother, a distinguished Professor of Immunology at Cairo University, founded a single-doctor lab in 1979, marking the inception of Integrated Diagnostics Holdings (IDH). Hend’s own educational journey was marked by excellence, as she pursued her MBBCh, Masters in Clinical and Chemical Pathology, and PhD in Immunology at Cairo University. Her thirst for knowledge and ambition for change also led her to earn an Executive MBA from the prestigious London Business School.

Joining IDH and the Vision for Expansion

Dr. Hend El Sherbini officially joined IDH in 2001, after completing her medical studies overseas. Her primary goal was to transform her family’s business into a permanent institution that would provide accessible, high-caliber immunology and diagnostic testing to the Egyptian market. At the time, Egypt faced the challenge of sending most diagnostic samples abroad due to a lack of trust in the quality of local tests, resulting in both high costs and lengthy delays.

Hend Sherbini was determined to change this situation. She embarked on an ambitious path to elevate IDH’s capabilities and reputation. Under her leadership, IDH moved its testing processes in-house, achieving international accreditation standards that set them apart as a gold standard in the field. IDH became the only lab in Egypt accredited by the College of American Pathologists and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

With a dedicated focus on quality and accessibility, Dr. Hend Sherbini oversaw the expansion of IDH’s services across Egypt, effectively reducing the need for patients to travel to Cairo for testing. The company added new units to accommodate a staggering 1,400 tests conducted in-house, all under the supervision of doctors and professors to ensure the highest quality.

Building an Empire

As a result of her vision and tireless dedication, Integrated Diagnostics Holdings (IDH) has flourished. It evolved from a single-doctor lab established by her mother into a multinational provider of quality consumer healthcare services. IDH’s footprint now spans across Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, and Nigeria, catering to Africa’s most populous market.

In 2022, under Dr. Sherbini’s leadership, IDH conducted over 32.7 million tests for more than 8.7 million patients, solidifying its position as a leading provider of medical diagnostic services in Africa and the Middle East. With over 550 points of presence, a team of 4,500 dedicated employees, and an extensive array of more than 2,000 international-standard diagnostics tests, IDH continues to thrive under her guidance.

Continued Impact and Legacy

Dr. Hend El Sherbini’s inspirational journey, which began as a single doctor in a small lab, has left an indelible mark on the healthcare industry in the Middle East and Africa. Her relentless pursuit of quality, accessibility, and trust in diagnostic testing has not only transformed her family business but has also elevated IDH to become a prominent player in the healthcare sector. Dr. Sherbini’s commitment to excellence and her vision for the future of healthcare services continue to inspire and drive positive change in the lives of millions of patients across the region.

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