Catherine Lesetedi

Catherine Lesetedi

Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele is a distinguished figure in the world of insurance and leadership. She currently serves as the Group Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director at Botswana Insurance Holdings Ltd (BIHL), a role that exemplifies her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to the industry. With a profound dedication to personal growth and a remarkable journey, Catherine has established herself as a prominent leader and mentor.

Born in Botswana, Catherine’s academic journey began at the University of Botswana, where she pursued a degree in Statistics. Her introduction to the field was incidental, but she quickly recognized the value of this discipline. The logical thinking, confidence, and aptitude for learning that she gained during her statistical studies would prove to be the foundation for her future success.

Catherine’s early career in insurance began in 1992, and she steadily rose through the ranks, initially joining Aon Botswana (Pty) Ltd as the General Manager for Life & Employee Benefits. Her mathematical background empowered her to confidently engage with budgets and numerical aspects of her work, setting her apart as a versatile and capable professional.

Throughout her career, Catherine has been a strong advocate for a flexible leadership style. She firmly believes that this approach brings out the best in both herself and her team. Her leadership philosophy is built on the principles of logical decision-making, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous improvement. She has attended leadership courses and pursued self-improvement to enhance her leadership skills, a journey that has been instrumental in her personal and professional development.

Catherine’s academic pursuits didn’t stop with her undergraduate degree from the University of Botswana. She also earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, further enriching her knowledge and expertise. This dedication to learning and self-improvement has played a pivotal role in her ascent to the top of the insurance industry.

As a mentor, Catherine is known for her emphasis on recognizing and nurturing talent within the BIHL Group. She encourages her mentees, both personally and professionally, to “show up and do your best,” a principle that she herself embodies. Her leadership is a shining example of dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence.

In her role as Group Chief Executive Officer at BIHL, Catherine has achieved remarkable success and continues to drive the organization forward. Her journey, from a Statistics student at the University of Botswana to a prominent leader in the insurance industry, is a testament to the power of determination, education, and a flexible approach to leadership. Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele is not only a remarkable woman but a trailblazing leader who continues to inspire and guide others in their pursuit of excellence.

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