Bertina Engelbrecht

Meet Bertina Engelbrecht, the visionary and dynamic CEO of Clicks Group Ltd., a true trailblazer in the world of retail and healthcare. With a compelling combination of business acumen, compassion, and dedication, she has transformed Clicks into a household name and a powerhouse in the industry.

Born and raised in South Africa, Bertina’s journey to the top of the corporate ladder is nothing short of remarkable. After earning her degree in Business Management, she quickly rose through the ranks in various retail organizations, honing her skills and gaining invaluable experience along the way.

Her journey at Clicks began in 2006 when she joined the health and beauty retailer as group human resources director and was then appointed as an executive director in 2008. In December 2020, Engelbrecht’s portfolio was expanded to include strategic stakeholder engagement. Prior to this year’s appointment as Clicks Group CEO, she was the company’s corporate affairs director.

Bertina’s exceptional leadership caught the attention of Clicks Group, and she was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. Her innovative strategies and commitment to customer satisfaction played a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and expansion during her tenure.

In a groundbreaking move, she spearheaded Clicks’ foray into the healthcare sector, recognizing the growing need for accessible and affordable healthcare services. Under her guidance, Clicks pharmacies became a trusted source of medical advice and pharmaceutical products for millions of South Africans, strengthening the company’s position as a one-stop-shop for health and wellness.

In January 2022, Bertina’s hard work and exceptional leadership were rightfully recognized when she was appointed as the CEO of Clicks Group Ltd. Her promotion marked a significant milestone in the company’s history as she became the first female CEO, breaking barriers and inspiring a new generation of aspiring business leaders.

As a CEO, Bertina Engelbrecht has continued to revolutionize the retail and healthcare landscape. She has been a driving force behind Clicks’ commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility, ensuring that the company not only thrives financially but also positively impacts the communities it serves.

Under her guidance, Clicks Group has achieved unprecedented success, delivering impressive financial results year after year. Her ability to navigate complex market challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities has solidified Clicks’ position as an industry leader.

Beyond the boardroom, Bertina remains deeply involved in initiatives aimed at empowering women in business and promoting education in underserved communities. Her passion for giving back and making a difference has earned her accolades and admiration from both her peers and the public.

When she’s not busy shaping the future of Clicks Group, Bertina enjoys spending quality time with her family and unwinding with a good book or a challenging hike. Her zest for life and her relentless pursuit of excellence make her a true inspiration to all who have the privilege of working with her.

Bertina Engelbrecht’s remarkable journey from a young graduate to the visionary CEO of Clicks Group Ltd. showcases the power of determination, innovation, and compassion in achieving extraordinary success. Her leadership has not only transformed a company but also positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, leaving an indelible mark on the retail and healthcare industry. As she continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, the future is undeniably bright under Bertina’s guidance at the helm of Clicks Group Ltd.

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